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Posted on June 28, 2016 at 12:31 PM

By (David Waldman)

While we were enjoying ourselves yesterday, the Supreme Court was hard at work on some cases you probably haven’t quite tired of hearing about just yet.

We will try your patience for that today, and try to get Armando to join us, so that we’re up to speed on the Court’s activities, then turn to the news of the day, so that we don’t forget how much of our future turns on this election and the future of the Court.

As if that was something you’d forget about! I know you people.

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David Waldman returns to KITM today instead of performing jury duty. It’s too hot this time of year anyway, with all of the jurors fanning themselves with their notes and fedoras, and the attorneys sweating through their seersucker suits and all. Stay away from Baja too, at least if your realtor is Donald Trump. Greg Dworkin reports that Donald Trump is having a hard time selling people on anything this month as Sanders backers head to Clinton. Bernie’s supporters start to see themselves as Hillary supporters, and even the campaign chiefs are becoming buddies. Evangelical Christians have faith in Baby Christian Clownstick. What will the conservatives that have a harder time lying to themselves do? Is it time to go Full Curly in Cleveland? Is it now time to pick between Trump and oblivion, or is that a package deal? Some rats refuse to even get on the ship. Trump’s policies would add $11.5 trillion to the debt. Ends up that Republicans see and treat blacks differently than whites… Brexit shows that kids should vote more. Does Brexit mean it’s time for a realpolitik parsing between liberalism and progressivism? The EU now decides if spanking the UK will hurt the EU more than the UK. Bernie Sanders backers in Nebraska learn how to not step on their friend’s toes. If Mia Love skips Cleveland, that might make her VP nomination awkward.

(Thanks again to Scott Anderson for the show summary!)

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