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Conservatives in ‘panic’ after Facebook announces plans to crack down on fake news

Posted on November 23, 2016 at 12:00 AM

By (Hunter)

Facebook’s tentative plans to crack down on fake news and hoax sites is being met with the usual conservative ire.

Mark Zuckerberg’s plan to help reduce the spread of misinformation on Facebook has set off a “widespread panic” among some owners of the biggest hyperpartisan conservative pages.

The problem, according to the conservative acting as intermediary, is that conservatives sites were pushed into publishing fake news because They Like Money. It’s not their fault they wrote that stuff.

Massoumi acknowledged that during the election his and other big pages did publish some misleading and false information, though he said they removed the latter once they realized their mistake. He said they began to push the boundaries after new players, such as sites run from Macedonia or others such as Ending the Fed, entered the market, copied their approach, and then began reaping huge Facebook engagement by publishing false and misleading content.

“We strayed because of the competitive nature of the algorithm in the News Feed and we do need to be brought back,” he says. “But the problem is I operate in an environment where sites like Ending the Fed and these unknowns are going to beat us unless we go from tilted to misleading.”

Yeah, well. You could act responsibly anyway and get cut a smaller check, like Legitimate News Outlets do, but I suppose that thought does go against the entire conservative mindset. Touché.

Anyhoo, the central worry is that conservatives sites thus “pushed” into generating crooked hoaxes will be unilaterally punished before they have a chance to “clean up their act.”